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Tartharia (2) - Flashback - X Years In Hell (CD)

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Review: Second full-length album from this quite active Russian band at the moment they are touring Europe and actually Tomorrow will play in my city, Cluj, too , and that's a massive point in their favour as they should be exposed more to the public.

It's my first encounter with their music but it's a very good one, the band plays a healthy and fresh combination of different types of Death Metal, from old-school straight-forward, to groove-infused, to highly technical, and even Gore Grind influenced at times, with the essential benefit of an excellent production.

The band is highlighted by a very versatile, amazing female vocalist and although I'm not a fan of such unnatural, forced growls and pig squeals, I can definitely appreciate her availability to give it all her best, she's really impressive, so hat off. The instrumentists are also top-notch, and even if they seem young, they sound very skilled and calculated. To end this review I'd also like to mention their ability to mix in as much influences as they can and still sound curdled and mature, keeping the tracks interesting and even catchy.

A really good discovery, I recommend this digipack CD to you, too. Review: Hailing from the naighbor country of Bulgaria, it's normal I've heard of Dimholt, but I've never had contact with their music so far. I've had very nice surprises from Bulgaria lately so I have to admit each new material I get from this country is an exciting new adventure. Liberation Funeral, the band's debut album, comes after 11 years of existence, so after quite a long wait, and it probably sums up the best of their material so far; 10 tracks totaling an hour of semi-technical, semi-melodical Black Metal that reminded me of the second wave of Scandinavian Black Metal, but the great thing about their music is they add a lot of originality to the whole and in the end you won't be able to pinpoint all their influences.

Dimholt prove to have what it takes to a band to actually come up with a style of their own, a Black Metal twist of their own, and that's extremely rare nowadays. Overall the music is aggressive, mostly fast-paced, aired, catchy and follows a very intelligent structure that will hook up both fans of old-school, blasphemic Black Metal and fans of the new breed of this genre.

An awesome debut album, I won't be surprised to see this band in the top of Black Metal in short time. Highly recommended! Reviewed by Adrian Rating: 9. Review: Italians love Progressive Metal, that's a fact, and it seems Progressive Metal loves the Italians since every year more and more such bands make it to the final tops, and the best thing is they don't necessarily follow the already successful stories like the ones of Ephel Duath, Labyrinth or Vision Divine for example, they are all thrying their luck in bringing something new and original.

Not all of them succeed, that's obvious, but their good technical skills allow them to keep trying and improving their abilities and craft. Epistheme presents us here their debut album, a 7 tracks effort totaling almost 40 minutes of Progressive Metal but I wouldn't know whom to compare their music with, I wouldn't also know if to tie this better with the Extreme Metal scene or with the Melodic Metal one, the Italian quintet is gathering influences from all over the place.

It's good to see all these influences are channeled properly and this debut album actually sounds like a mature, curdled effort rather than a mix of styles, and that's mostly because of a solid rhythm sec tion that constitutes the backbone of their music, and the vocals impressive, versatile enough to capture your attention and guitars are doing their things experimenting and venturing through different territories.

In my opinion they would need only a bit more hooks and catchy elements on their next release and I wouldn't be surprised to see this band in the tops, too. Anyway, a worthwhile debut album to present us a new promising name from the Italian scene.

Review: This is a massive discovery for myself; I'm proud and happy to have discovered this 3 decades old band while selecting tracks for the 5th Slowly We Rot compilation. Excruciation were founded when Celtic Frost were but for some reason they never made it big, they never got out of the underground and they still kept it together.

Well, I'd say normally, they also had a period of silence between and , but after that they started recording and releasing stuff again. Excruciation's music is slow to mid-tempo Doom Death Metal with a weird vocal style that reminds me of a combination of Jan-Chris de Koeijer's style Gorefest and Alexander Krull's Atrocity , that type of comprehensive, organic growl. The whole album is like a journey, to me it felt like it was 20 years ago, I just received a new Paradise Lost album and I was going through all the tracks over and over again finding all sorts of goodies all over.

I'm still a fan of that UK scene, so I know where my enthousiasm comes from, but nonetheless I'd recommend you to check this band out, you'll discover a very mature, professional outfit that does what it does for the pure passion of it. Hats off and respect! Review: Burzum and probably Ulver are names that first come to mind while listening to Frozen Ocean's eight!!!

I think adding Black Metal in the style labelling of this album is a bit too far off as there are only a few short parts where something resembling to Black Metal is inserted. Frozen Ocean's Dark Ambient with a hint of Shoegaze and Electronica will successfully manage to take you through the outer World space as Vaarwel the man behind this project sees it, I have to give him full credit for this, the album is very expressive and hypnotic even though most of the time it's made of repetitive structures.

Buried Under Rubbish Horror Live G Next Song V Tags black metal death metal metal thrash metal melodic death metal Russia. Nourished by Decay LP On Bandcamp Radio. She took a glance at Omotara and the narrowed her gaze at the girl who was already on her feet with her shredded clothes on her body.

Omotara moved with slow steps towards the queen still trying to cover her body with her torn clothes. She placed her palm in the opened palm of the queen and the queen squeezed her hand softly and gave a smile.

The picture of the junior queen slowly faded off her mind and was immediately replaced by hers. She saw herself in that building where she had gone to rescue Cole and Aisha, she could hear the scream of the girl clearly again. She saw herself hurry through the corridor and into the room where the cultist was trying to molest Stephanie. A sharp pain in her bum brought her out of the realm of memories. Her eyes opened and she found herself laying on her side in a bed. Her vision was still blur at that moment but she noticed two men standing and discussing something some metres in front of her.

She turned back to look at the face of the lady who had just taken the syringe needle out of her bum. She turned to look at the person and confirmed he was the one. There was joy in her heart on seeing him alive again and she also still alive. She still remembered how she was captured but had totally forgotten how she was rescued. Tarasha noticed she still had only her briefs on but a towel was now wrapped around her body.

Tarasha looked away from their faces to the surrounding, she felt a bit alarmed as she observed that they were in the medical lab in her facility. They continued until they got to the control room. Henry opened the door and allowed Cole walk in first before closing the door. That guy Rex? Henry heaved a deep sigh and stared at the ground thoughtfully for some seconds, he raised his head up to meet Cole staring at him.

Cole glanced at his face and then laughed. Their memories are gone Their bodies fully demonized.. Their only desires.. Our desires! Both newly birthed demons fell into their new masters embrace, shadowy markings across their clothless bodies as they were held in a cruel yet loving embrace Here we have a commission drawn by me for featuring Erza and Mirajane having been captured by Kyouka and Seila of Tartaros, and being fed to demon worms!

This one took some time, not because of the difficulty, but because of how busy I've been recently. But luckily I've got a bunch of days off coming up! So except to see some more art! And as always, please remember to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! Image size. See More by Shaded-Seraphim. Featured in collections.

He dipped his hand into his back pocket and took out his wallet from which he removed his debit card. Dave and Lizzy were on their way out in a few minutes and Lizzy had the time to ask him what he found. I detached our tracker from the cloth already. They climbed down the stairs of the building and proceeded straight to the car.

It was after Dave started the car engine that Lizzy spoke again. She tried to roll herself around leisurely but every roll she tried took more energy but produced less movement for her.

Tomi was standing close to her. All of them were in the front yard which also looked exactly the same like the other facility that had been discovered by Rex and Dave. He carried a half bag of rice on his shoulder into the house while Henry followed behind him with two cartons.

Tarasha let out a chuckle and also looked away. She had nothing to say or to do with the girl, at least not yet, except of course her ongoing treatment. She stared at her legs on the wheelchair footer for a couple of seconds, she was feeling better now. Though she was still weak but the very little strength she had gotten and at the pace she did was something she had thought impossible but then forgetting that Cole had also been an assassin for years and would know medical experts who were experienced in treating assassins and criminals alike.

But one thing she knew for a certain was that all the strength quickening drugs she was been administered were reducers of lifespan. Most assassins she knew that had been treated often for cases like hers never lived above the age of fifty five. Five years to that, they always begin by feeling pains and inability to move their bodies and then it progresses to a more complicated medical condition which they have to live with until they died which was always not too long after.

She could feel her hands and legs stronger and she was tempted to try to get up to her feet since she was already being able to use her hands. She decided not to complicate issues by trying something dangerous, all she needed to do was wait for a few days and her strength would have fully returned.

Soon, the guys were back to carry the remaining foodstuffs into the house. Both of them picked bags convenient enough for them to carry and both walked back in. The question came as a surprise to Tomi. No, I just have a close business partner relationship with him. She faced down knowing she had no other argument to make.

That could lead to easy and premature death of the both of you. Both of them were at the painting house where Cole had gone to repaint the car.

TarthariA. Russia. Listening to TarthariA’s songs, you realize right away that this Russian band knows how to play. Anyway, TarthariA wavers between death metal and melodic metal. As if Deicide fu#ked Lacuna Coil, and their baby appeared to be TarthariA.

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